Everyone’s needs for a Virtual Assistant varies and therefore my pricing is tailored to your individual requirements and budget.

Choose from hourly rates for a few hours here and there or value packaging for over 5 hours per month or service packaging for pricing on specific services.

Your time is priceless.  By delegating and outsourcing the tasks that you find time consuming and don’t inspire you can actually save you time that can be spent doing something rewarding.

Contact Letitia today and free up your time or complete the below form to request a quote.

Terms and Conditions of charges and payments: 
*Services which are charged at an hourly rate are charged in 15minute increments.
*Travel time will be charged for any travel over 45 mins.
*Payment is required before commencement of work.
*Payment terms are strictly 14 days from date of invoice.  Non-payment may incur penalty fees.
*Expense such as printing, stationery, catering, etc will be pre-approved, charge at cost and itemised on the invoice.
*AdminStar Virtual Assistant is not registered to collect GST.
*Client details are treated with confidentiality.
*Where email communication is not sufficient, a contractor agreement or job request form must be signed and returned before commencement of work.